HTML:iframe-inf code virus
Protect Your PC from iframe-inf Code Infection
HTML:iframe-inf code alert.  Big Geek Daddy uses Avast Anti Virus and found two legitimate websites that had been
infected with an Iframe code.  Avast identifies this as
HTML:iframe-inf.  I don't believe this is a false positive and if Avast or
whatever Anti Virus Protection you are using gives you a similar warning then
follow the prompt to abort the connection.  

If you think your PC is Infected go to Free Virus Removal to help you clean your PC.  The Free Virus Removal Tools
listed are not a substitute for full Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware protection.  They should be used on an Infected Computer or one
that you suspect is infected.

Once you have cleaned your computer infection please visit my Free Virus Protection page which has everything you
need to protect your computer for Free from being attacked by Viruses, Trojan Horses, Spyware, Adware, Malware, and
Phishing Attacks.

You might also consider sending an email to the website owner letting them know what page you encountered this on as they
are probably unaware that their website has been hacked and infected with malicious code.  Legitimate websites do get hacked

The screenshots below show the
"A Virus Was Found" Alerts from Avast Anti Virus when the pages with the HTML:iframe-inf
code were visited.
Avast AV Iframe Code Virus Alert
HTML: iframe-inf Stumbleupon Alert
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