How To Clean Your Computers Registry
Free Registry Cleaner Programs
If you have never cleaned the Registry on your computer and are thinking about doing this I'll
share some tips and Free Software with you.  
The advantage to cleaning the registry is a
faster PC.
 The older your PC is and the more software you have installed/uninstalled then the
more likely it is that the registry could be causing your PC to run slower.

The Disadvantage is if you mess up the registry you could really screw up your PC to
the point where it won't run properly.

If you're determined to clean your Registry then here are the steps and cleaning tools I would

1.  Backup Your PC.  If you need help with this see my
Backup page.
2.  Create a System Restore Point in Windows.  
Once you have installed CCleaner click on the Registry button on the left side the click Scan For Issues at the bottom.  It will then scan and list all the
issues it found.  CCleaner won't delete or change any registry entries until you click the
Fix Issues button in the lower right corner.  Before it fixes the
registry issues CCleaner will prompt you to backup your registry which is recommended. I think you'll find CCleaner does a pretty good job of finding old
entries.  You might want to run it 2-3 times in a row until it doesn't find anything to fix.

After using CCleaner if you want to do a more aggressive registry cleaning then use the
Free Auslogics Registry Cleaner. That should be enough
registry cleaning for most people.  Here are several more Free Registry Cleaner programs you might try:

Registry Clean Expert
TweakNow Reg Cleaner Standard (Only Delete Items Marked Safe!)
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You are now ready to clean your registry using Free Software.  The only tool I use on a regular
basis to clean my PC's registry is
CCleaner.  As far as I know it's never screwed up my PC
because it's a very mild and safe Registry Cleaner.