Startup Programs Disabled
How to Control Startup Programs
If your computer is running slower than ever it could be because of Startup Programs using up system resources.

As the name implies, Startup Programs are the programs that start automatically every time you turn on your computer.  Some of these startup
programs will be visible in the System Tray (lower right hand corner of your computer). Many startup programs, particularly malicious Spyware and Adware
will not be visible in the System Tray.
Instead, the Startup Programs will be running in the background eating into your system memory and causing your computer to run slower. Many
Startup programs are critical to running your computer - don't disable them unless you know for sure they're not necessary.
Startup Program Lists
To help determine whether a Startup Program should be enabled:
Windows Process Information Center
Startup Applications List
Here's how I check the Startup Programs Running on my computer:
Go to Start (lower left corner)
Click on Run
Type in
Hit Enter or OK

You will now see a screen called the System Configuration Utility. You
should be on the General tab so click the
Startup tab to see what programs
are scheduled to run at startup. If you have had your computer for quite
some time and never checked on your Startup Programs before you'll
probably be shocked to see how many are running.  
Finally, to prevent programs from enabling at startup without your permission
you can install the
Free WinPatrol program. You can also use WinPatrol to
remove the startup programs instead of using the msconfig method. Another
nice feature of WinPatrol is that it will allow you to move some items to a
delayed startup. The reason you would want to delay startup is to speed up
your computers start time by delaying for 3-5 minutes when certain startup
programs would begin to run.
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If the programs are checked then they run at Startup. If you're finding
Spyware, Adware, Malware or any other malicious programs in Startup then
go to my
Free Virus Scan and Removal page to find the resources you
need to remove the malware. Unchecking these malicious programs in the
Startup panel probably won't stop them from running as they'll just enable
themselves again the next time you start your computer. I suggest using
Malwarebytes and running a Full Scan of your computer just to be safe.